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Our Premier Service!

Weddings are our favorite events.  We can't think of a better way to add that extra special touch to your already memorable wedding.  Our wedding package includes:

Jamul Wedding
bullet Driver and Coachman dressed to compliment your wedding.  Typically we wear black and white as you see in our Photo Album.  Don't want us to wear black and white?  No problem.  Let's discuss this when you call to book your wedding carriage ride.

bullet Your choice of carriage.  Most clients request the white vis--vis carriage.  Its black velvet interior really make your wedding colors stand out nicely in photographs.  Our wagonette is a good choice for the more casual or country style wedding.  It is also a good choice for the bridal party and if you want to offer rides to your guests.  Check out our Vehicles page for photos of the carriages.

bullet Decorations.  We decorate the carriage with beautiful off-white flowers and greenery that complements most wedding flower themes.  Check our the Wedding Decoration section of our Photo Album to see the standard decoration package.  We can add some color using flowers from our other themes or you can supply your own flowers to suit your needs.

bullet Horses.  We have a white (Annie), a dark brown/black (Billy), and a brown (Jed) horse.  While the white horse is always the popular choice for a wedding, there are times where Annie may not be the right horse for the job.  Sometimes the horse you choose cannot work due to illness, injury, or scheduling.  We do not guarantee the horse of choice, but will make every attempt to provide the horse of your choice.
Please note:  Annie (our white horse) is retired.  She now enjoys the easy life of green pastures and easy trail rides.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

bullet Two-hour service.  Once we get the carriage decorated and the horse hooked up, we'll give you and anyone else you choose rides and photographs for up to 2 hours.  Make sure you plan time for photographs since this can use up a lot of your 2 hour ride time.  We'll discuss your start time when we book the carriage ride.  The start time indicated in the contract is the beginning of the 2-hour ride period.  Please note that due to the travel, set-up time, etc. associated with wedding carriage rides, we cannot reduce the price if you want the ride to be less than 2 hours.

bullet Photographer.  We DO NOT provide professional photography services.  We can take a few pictures for you using our camera or yours.  We strongly recommend you hire a professional photographer such as Sarah Morgan to capture your memories.  She is very professional, has lots of wedding experience, and takes beautiful photographs.