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Comments from Our Customers

Read what our customers have to say about us.  Give us a call (619) 322-0586 or e-mail us at to book your special event or check out our Community Support page to find out where we will be next.  Come join us, we'd love to give you a ride!

Miramar Thank You


bullet Colleen,

Our day would not have been what is was without you.  There are not enough words to express our thanks to you and what you did for us.  The carriage was beautiful, like it was from a dream.  Thank you for that.  We will never forget it.

Thank you,

Chris & Rachel


Point Loma Christmas Tours
bullet Thank you so much for helping make our wedding perfect.  We really appreciate all of you and your husband's hard work that day.  Thank you for the CD with all the wonderful pictures.  If we hear of anyone looking for a carriage service we will definitely recommend you.

Ryan and Sarah



Escondido Christmas Tours
bullet Dearest friends @ Always and Forever Carriage Company,
We at our family hope that you and your family find the warmest greeting possible upon receiving this email.  Our family would like to thank you for the most joyous time we had on Dec 1st during our ride on your carriage.  It has truly been a highlight of our CHRISTMAS Season.  We have a 2 year old son that has not stopped asking to go back on your ride.  We would like to request a copy of the picture that was taken of us.  It was in Escondido Christmas Tours (12/1/07) listed as Escondido Christmas Tours #8.  This picture will be a great addition to the memories we are building for our children.

Our family offers you and yours a Ecstatically Joyous Christmas Season and Christmas Prayers from us to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Kenneth and Alma
Escondido, CA

bullet Hello,
My children recently went on a carriage ride with their Auntie.  They would love to have a photo as a memento of their special day.
Location: San Diego Country Estates Christmas Tour
Date: 12-9-2007
Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service!

bullet Hi
Could you please send me the photo from the Carlsbad Forum, December 1st, #18?
Thank you! My daughter loved it!

bullet Hi
My kids took a carriage ride at the SD Country Estates on December 9.  If you could email our picture.  I would love to have it.
Thanks for the great ride the kids had lots of fun!

San Diego Country Estates Christmas Tours       Del Mar Christmas Tours
bullet Hello,
The carriage rides were such a wonderful memory!  Thank you!  Could you please send photo from December 1st, Christmas in Escondido?

bullet This was our 2nd year on the carriage ride.  This year we brought different kids and everybody loved it.
We plan to go again next year.

bullet Hi!
We had so much fun on the carriage ride, thank you!  It was a real treat!  I would love the picture sent to me - it was Christmas at the Forum in Carlsbad on 12-1-07.
Thank you,

Point Loma Christmas Tours
bullet Hi,
Can you please email me our photo from Carlsbad Forum, November 24 when you get a chance?
Thanks for a great ride.  Our daughter loved it!  
Jay and Wendy

bullet Thank you so much for a memorable ride!  We had our in-laws out and it was a very nice time.  Thank you so much for the memory!
Geppetto's Toy Store
The Forum, Carlsbad

bullet We celebrated our wedding on July 21, 2007 in Los Angeles.  The horse & carriage ride was a must since the beginning of our wedding planning.  The day of the event the carriage was on time, great professional and friendly service.  People came out of their homes to wave and take pictures, everyone watched in awe as the white carriage carried the bride, maid of honor, flower girl & mother of the bride through the streets and to the church.  On the way we heard comments such as "That's the way to do it!"  After the ceremony my husband and I rode the carriage away as our guests smiled, took pictures and waved.  It was a once in a lifetime experience of excitement and joy.  It was truly the icing on the cake.  Thanks Colleen for making our day more memorable.  Take Care, Faviola and Carlos Preciado.

bullet We loved our carriage ride.  Thank you!  I'm sure this will become part of our Holiday Tradition every year!

San Diego Country Estates Christmas Tours
bullet Greetings
What a GREAT time to share with my family your carriage ride on 12/10/06 @ The Forum ~ Carlsbad and a FABULOUS memory.  Also, what a generous gift of giving your company is offering to all who indulge.  Thank you for the fond memories my grandmother is visiting from Albuquerque and her SMILE tells it all.

bullet Hi.  We had so much fun going for a ride on Sunday at the Country Estates.

bullet We really enjoyed the carriage ride from the Dec 10 Christmas ride held at the San Diego Country Estates.

bullet My kids and I really enjoyed the ride.

bullet We wanted to thank you and let you know how much we enjoyed the carriage rides both this year and last year on Grand Ave in Escondido.

bullet Dearest Jet,
Hi, Jet.  I'm Joshua and I'm 5 yrs. old.  Thank you for giving me and my cousins and my auntie a ride yesterday at the base.  I had a great time and I thank the lady who gave us the cany cane.  I wanna say hi to her too.  God bless and Happy holidays to Jet!!!

Carlsbad Forum Christmas Tours       Del Mar Christmas Tours
bullet Thanks for the ride, we had such a good time.

bullet Thanks so much.  We really enjoyed the ride.  Thanks for sending us our free picture.

bullet Me and Johnny would like to thank both of you for the opportunity that you have given us to ride in your beautiful carriage with Jed.  We both appreciate that great experience and thank you so much again.  Happy Holiday Season!

bullet Thanks so much, we really enjoyed our ride!

bullet We had the pleasure of riding in your Carriage at the first Escondido Christmas tour on December 2, 2006.  We saw the photos on your website and we would like to have you send them to us.

bullet Thank you so much for providing this great service. It provided a very special element to the holiday season.

bullet I hope that Jed is doing great.  It was really a fun day.  Thank you so much.

bullet Thank you very much for the pictures and the wonderful experience!

Point Loma Christmas Tours
bullet Colleen, thanks so much for the wonderful carriage ride.  My whole family loved it especially my daughter.  The experience had truly made her a princess.  Once again thank you for the magical ride.  My daughter told me to tell you to say hello to Jet.  Bye.

bullet Thank you so much for the horse and carriage ride.  It made our holiday very special.  [My daughter and I rode twice].

bullet Thank you so much, Colleen.  We loved the picture.  We send our very best wishes to you and your family.  In fact, I have it saved as the screen saver so we can see you and Jed.
Merry Christmas.

bullet Hello!
We had the pleasure of riding in your carriage today at the Forum in Carlsbad.  My 6 yr old loved riding in the front & said during the ride "Mom, this is awesome!"  I am pretty sure that between the carriage & visiting Santa- the carriage ride won by a longshot!!  If we are ever needing a carriage, yours will be the first that I call!!
Thanks for a long lasting memory for myself & my 3 children!

bullet We really enjoyed the ride, and Jed is beautiful!

bullet Hi.  Thanks for the romantic carriage ride last night... we really appreciated it and I have never been on one so it was extra special.  I love your website and will definitely keep you in mind for our future wedding.. that would be beautiful...

bullet Dear Always and Forever Carriage Rides Company,
Our carriage ride was a unique and wonderful experience and welcoming to the town of Escondido.  You see, we have just recently, 2 months ago, moved to Escondido from New York.  In effort of getting to know more about the town and what it has to offer we were anxious to take you up on your carriage ride.  This was a treat to say the least!
We would love to have the photo as a remembrance of our first holiday season in our new home town.
Event Location: Escondido Christmas Tours

bullet Thanks for the ride.  We had a wonderful day that day.  This photo will remind us of that day.  Will keep your business in mind for any needs in the future.

Escondido Christmas Tours
bullet Hi, my name is Lisa.  My friends and I had the pleasure of one of your free carriage rides in Escondido on December 31, 2006.  The picture are listed on your website under the heading Escondido Christmas Tours.  Thank you very much for a beautiful ride.

bullet Hi Guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR Could you please email me the picture of me and my son taken.  Thanks so much, We really enjoyed the ride and will refer you to anyone we know in need of a horse and carriage.

bullet Hi.  We would LOVE photo## and ## from our Christmas Tour in Escondido 12/31/06.  We had a lovely time, the horse was so sweet, the driver cautious and wonderful.
THANK YOU...not sure if this is an e-mail photo or hard photo, so you have my e-mail and will include address below.

bullet Hi...we came to Escondido for dinner at Remy's for New Year's Eve and were especially pleased because after dinner/late we were able to ride in one of your carriages.  We just looked up the pictures (I had a copy of one of your brochures) and would love to have one of each.  Hope I can get our city, at one of our activities to have your group here.  Please let us know the cost and thanks also for our driver telling us about the First Night event, we went and it was great!  Give a big "hug" to Billy...

bullet Enjoyed your carriage ride before Christmas at the San Diego Country Estates Clubhouse.
Thanks, look forward to seeing you again.  The family enjoyed it.

bullet Check Back Often.  Check back often to read new comments.  We hope you can join us soon for a carriage ride.