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About Us

Want the scoop on our company?

Started in rural Ramona California in 2004, we are a small family business.  We love horses, driving carriages, riding, and making people's events more memorable.

Meet our Driver

Colleen Finch is the owner and driver and is the main caretaker of the horses.  She hails from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and has always had a love for horses.  She's been riding for over 10 years and has been driving carriages for 5 years.  She enjoys entering the horses in local horse shows and large county fair shows.  You can see them in action in our Photo Album.  Her goal is to make your event a memorable one.  

Billy   Billy


Meet our Coachman

Michael Finch is the Coachman.  His job is to make sure your ride is safe and enjoyable.  He was born in Southern California and is currently on active duty in the Navy.  He is an amateur astronomer and can make your evening carriage ride interesting by pointing out the bright constellations, stars, and planets visible during the ride.  Sorry the telescope doesn't get to go with us on the ride.  He'll be your driver on the second carriage in a two carriage event.  

Meet our Horses

We are a draft horse family.  These heavy, strong gentle giants are wonderful horses.  To learn more about draft horses, here or here.

Billy is a pure-bred Percherons.  He comes from a long line of beautiful draft horses that were originally bred to carry Knights during the medieval times in old Europe.  Click here, here, or here for more historical information on the Percheron.  Check out the photographs of Percherons of the past below.  Later and still today, they are used as plow horses and to pull wagons and carriages all over the world.

Percheron at the World's Fair Columbian Exposition   Grey Percheron - one of the originals in the U.S.   Black Percheron at Penn State

Jed is a pure-bred Belgian.  Belgians were originally bred in Belgium and were known to exist in Europe during the Roman Empire.  These powerful horses were also used in battle by the knights and are thought by many to have provided the genetic material for all the draft breeds today.  Belgian have a distinctive reddish brown body and sport either a blonde or red-blonde mane.  Click here, here, or here for more historical information on the Belgian.  Check out the photographs of Belgians of the past below.  

Belgian National Belgian Horse Show in 1926   Belgians at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair   Plowing with Belgian Draft Horses - 1941

Draft horses are capable of pulling 3 times their weight, but don't expect them to break any land-speed records.  These guys work hard and slow for a long time.  Percherons and Belgians share the draft horse distinction with other breeds including American Cream Drafts, Ardennes, Brabant Belgians, Clydesdales, Spotted Drafts, Shires, and Suffolk Punch Drafts.   It should be noted that many believe American Cream Drafts, Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires, and Suffolk Punches are true breeds of draft horses.  To learn more about draft horses, here or here.

Silverview Billy, our black Percheron, is about 18 hands high and weighs approximately 2,000 pounds.  We bought Billy at a horse auction in northern Virginia.  He was our first experience with a draft horse.  He really lives up to the reputation of being a gentle giant.  He absolutely loves people, so much so he was a challenge to train when he was young.  He was like a puppy always wanting to play or to be petted.  He was good at "helping" clean his stall when he dumped the full wheel barrow or stole the manure rake.  He quickly learned to open his gate and to grab the bag of carrots as we walked him out of the barn.  Skinny and awkward at first, he's matured and has become a very trustworthy horse in any situation.  Billy loves to work (but we think he likes getting to see new people best).  

Billy   Billy   Billy

Jed, our Belgian, is the youngest of our draft horses.  He is about 19 hands high, weighs approximately 2,500 pounds!  We bought Jed from a well know Belgian trainer in Lakeside, California.  He came to us with horse show and parade experience.  You might have seen him in the 2006 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.  Once living with us, we spent a few months getting Jed ready to pull carriages for wedding, street fairs, etc.  Like our other gentle giant, he is now ready and eager to work.  He also enjoys getting out to work and see people.

Jed   Jed   Jed


Colleen and Michael


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